When I graduated from university, I had high hopes of landing an awesome task in the city.

It never crossed our mind that I’d have a difficult time finding something, but sure enough, I spent months applying for various tasks.

I started out optimistic, applying for positions well above our experience level, thinking I’d land the task based on personality and charm, however, I hastily l acquired that nobody was interested in a recent graduate care about myself. I didn’t have the experience, and looking back on it now, I laugh at how naive I was. I never had the chance to interview, and I was never contacted at all, my standards hastily lowered, and I started applying for lower positions, desperate for an income. After months of applying to hundreds of tasks, I gained an SMS about an interview. I spent a lot of time preparing and planning for it, however what I wasn’t expecting though, was our AC to go out in our car on the way to the interview. I was dressed in business casual, trying not to sweat through our clothing. I rolled the windows down to guess the cool breeze, but our hair ended up flying around and sticking to our neck. I kept banging on the dashboard, trying to get the AC to kick back on… No matter how difficult I hit, no cool air came through the car vents. All I could manage was some lukewarm air, however by the time I pulled into the parking lot, I had sweat stains under our arms and our hair was damp from sweat. I looked care about a concerned wreck!


Quality heating and air

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