I just lately moved to Sterling Heights to say yes to a new job offer after residing in Ann Arbor for the past 15 years of my life.

It was a hard choice to make because Ann Arbor is entirely lovely.

As the name tells you, the neighborhood is full of plants, even along the University of Michigan Diag where all of the college kids pass by on their way to classes each day. I never saw myself leaving Ann Arbor—it’s where I was a child & went to school. But with good benefits about to run out, I had to find a new job by any means necessary. My new existence in Sterling Heights has taken time to get used to. It’s often ranked as the best neighborhood in Michigan with a population around 100,000 & lots of the residents are kind & sweet. Still, there are vehicle crashes here like there are all throughout the state of Michigan. The number of personal injury law firms in this location is staggering, with cases ranging from nursing home negligence to pet bites & pet attacks. Although the vehicle crash attorneys are in high numbers here, they’re surprisingly outnumbered by a swarm of firms handling things like birth injuries & negligence, motorcycle crashes, & police brutality. I hope I’m never in need of a personal injury attorney, but it’s good to know that there are so many to choose from if I’m ever unfortunate enough to fall victim to a life-altering injury beyond my own control.


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