My friend stopped making wills & estates & is currently a Southfield vehicle crash attorney.

As a lawyer, my best friend has seen pros & cons in his achievements & successes while finally working in law.

If the grind through law university wasn’t horrible enough, the first few years of working at a large firm nearly pushed my friend into an anxious breakdown. Although he has lived in both Ann Arbor & Detroit, he has since settled into a law firm that works out of Southfield. At 1st he mostly worked in estate & family law, writing wills, trusts, & estates for people of all ages. The real lucrative field of law here in Detroit right now is personal injury, definitely vehicle crash attorneys. A lot of people get out onto I-94 & drive like wild with no sense of laws or safety for themselves or others. My friend sees new cases on a daily basis, with some incidents coming out of pure negligence while others were odd & ambiguous regarding who is the one at fault. Much of the time the cases are settled out of court during a chat between both parties. Some are fortunate to get cash for their medical bills from the opposing person’s insurance company, but he has seen a number of cases where that didn’t work out. Some of these accidents near Southfield are quick & have few witnesses to make the cases straightforward & simple. It’s bad when you see someone totally disabled from a vehicle accident that they didn’t create. I wish there were more video cameras on the road to prevent these situations.

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