Being from an Italian family, I have a ton of family traditions that several might consider recognizable.

The lot of us constantly kiss each other hello as well as goodbye, most of our fights are not as intense as they seem as well as all of us are actually dedicated to our family.

Because of this familial dedication, all of us visit our grandparents at least once a year back in the aged country. I have to say, besides the fact that Italy is a wonderful country, I prefer their household. They have a lovely old-world estate. This old-world estate is not a stylistic choice; it’s just simply an “old-world estate”. The old-world estate aesthetic is actually popular in the United States—certainly in New England. I have to say though, while those old-world estates are really nice, they don’t come close to the real thing. My grandparents’ Tuscan beach household is full of character as well as history. I believe the complication with people appropriating old-world estates with Tuscan furniture is that it truly loses the authenticity that makes it special to begin with. I guess this might seem a little preachy—as well as I don’t mean to come off that way—however when people who aren’t Italian try to take the Tuscan furniture as well as old-world estate aesthetic to posture with the appearance of antiquity it comes off as being entirely disingenuous. Again, I don’t actually believe that people who appreciate the old-world genre are disingenuous. That’s not what I’m saying in the least. What I am saying is that the companies who try to profit off of the old-world estate by making cheap knock-offs are totally missing the entire point of an old-world estate in the first place.
Mediterranean manor

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