There is a lot of crazy stuff happening right now and I am glad to work from home.

Some of my friends and family members are forced to work outside of the house during this Global pandemic.

My sister works in a hospital and she spends five days each week around sick people that may be carrying the Coronavirus. My brother is a mechanic that works for a car dealership. He is constantly around people and germs and I know that he does not take the time to properly wash his hands every five minutes. I have been working for an industrial equipment rental company for the past six months. It was easy to make the transition to working from home. Most of the day I was answering questions on the phone and that can be done from anywhere. All of the office calls are routed to my home phone line. I spend the day setting up industrial equipment rentals. I work with several different industrial equipment rental companies that carry boilers, chillers, hot water heaters, and other HVAC equipment. When a business or individual needs to rent a portable chiller for a compact boiler, they call my service line. I reach out to compact tiller and mobile Boiler dealers in the area and find someone that can rent the equipment. I receive a small commission from the sale for doing all of the legwork. A lot of customers are looking for portable chillers or industrial chillers, because they can cool the air and help kill germs, viruses, and bacteria. I’m glad I have a secure and safe job.


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