I really hate my new air conditioner, but I am honestly not sure why I hate my new air conditioner.

  • I just wish that I didn’t have this air conditioner.

Everything would have been just fine if I would have listened to my wife about the air conditioner. We used to have a really nice central air conditioner, but that central air conditioner stopped working after we moved here. The central air conditioner didn’t just randomly stop working immediately after we came, but when we bought the house, we knew that the air conditioner was old. We were hoping to be able to save up enough money for a new central air conditioner before the old central air conditioner stopped working, but things didn’t work out that way. Our old central air conditioner stopped working before we had saved up enough money for the central air conditioner that we really wanted. However, as I was shopping around, I found out that we had just enough money for a central air conditioner. The central air conditioner that I was looking at was not as nice as the old central air conditioner, but I wanted it. Apparently, the reviews for the central air conditioner were good even though there were not a lot of reviews. My wife warned me about buying the central air conditioner. She said that if I rushed into a decision about buying a cheap air conditioner, I would probably regret it since the air conditioner isn’t as nice. I should have listened. Our new air conditioner is so loud, inefficient, and terrible. It has already started needing repairs, and it is just a few months old. This is ridiculous.


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