My wife cannot stand our air conditioner, and I honestly do not know why.

I wish that I would have known that my wife hated air conditioners.

I still would have married my wife knowing that she hated using an air conditioner, but at least I would have known what to expect when we got married. I could have slowly weaned myself off of the air conditioner before we got married so that I wasn’t so dependent on the air conditioner. The last few months have been absolutely terrible as I have had to adjust to not using the central air conditioner in our apartment. My wife has nothing morally against using an air conditioner. The only reason that she does not like air conditioners is because she is not used to air conditioners. She grew up in a house without an air conditioner, and her parents never really thought that air conditioners were important enough to actually buy. In my house, we had a nice central air conditioner, and we turned the thermostat to a chilly setting in order to get the most of our central air conditioner. When we were planning to get married, I made sure to find an apartment with a central air conditioner since I didn’t want to have window air conditioners. My wife had never mentioned that she hated air conditioners, and she dealt with it whenever we were at my house. However, when we did get married, she began asking to turn the air conditioner off because she was cold and uncomfortable. From then on, I had to learn how to live without an air conditioner. I am sure that she would have compromised for me, but I wanted to be sacrificial.



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