I could not believe that the furnace stopped working during my wedding.

Everything was supposed to be all set for the wedding.

I was getting married at my church, and everything was decorated for. I have been to a few weddings, and I learned from all of the mistakes that I have seen, and I tried to prepare for everything. We had everything set, including the thermostat. Normally, the thermostat is set to keep the HVAC units turned off on, but we set the thermostat to keep the furnace on. It was going to be a winter wedding, and we needed the furnace. However, nobody thought to check that the furnace was in good condition. We didn’t have an HVAC technician come to inspect our furnace. However, when the wedding started, it was very obvious that we should have hired an HVAC technician. The furnace wasn’t working, and it was very obvious. Some people say that I should have cancelled the wedding and postponed it until the furnace was working again, but there was no way that I was going to postpone the wedding. It was a short wedding, and the furnace wasn’t going to make a difference. Besides, the furnace stopped working that day, so it wasn’t freezing cold. Also, I was pretty nervous, but since the furnace wasn’t working, it was so cold that I didn’t sweat even though I was very nervous. I just couldn’t believe that on our special day, the furnace stopped working. I wonder if the broken furnace was a bad omen or something.

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