I have been caught between a rock and hard place while trying to figure out what I should do to help my kids bedroom have better temperature control.

I had thought about picking up a portable space heater and portable air conditioning system, but those may not be right for young kids.

They could hurt themselves if they mess around with those. So I thinking of possibly calling the local heating and air conditioning company and asking them about the full cost to have my current heating and air conditioning system converted into HVAC zone control. I know that it would cost a bundle to get HVAC zone control into my home through a conversion. However, getting a brand new and up to date zoned heating and air conditioning system would possibly be more. I’m not totally sure on the cost situation, but I will inquire to see how it goes. I am going to most likely go with a brand new and very up to date zoned central heating and air conditioning system. Because getting a fresh zoned heating and air conditioning system would be better than having to mess with and convert the current heat and a/c system into a zoned heating and air conditioning system. Only time will tell which choice will be the absolute best all around. First thing tomorrow I am calling the local heat and a/c company to ask one of their HVAC specialists for my options. Whatever the case is I will be doing something. No matter what the cost may be. My kids need good temperature control!



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