The air conditioning system at my work is not working well, plus it is no fun at all. I noticed that the building was a bit warmer than familiar when I got to work last Sunday. I thought that someone just turned the temperature up, so I checked the temperature control, then the temperature control said that the temperature in the building was seventy-eight degrees, however the temperature control was set to seventy degrees. I thought that was odd, although I had to get to work, so I just ignored that it was quite sizzling in my office. I went back to work on Sunday, plus I again noticed that it was quite warm. I asked my supervisor why it was so sizzling in the building, plus he said that he thought something was wrong with the air conditioner. I told his that I had thought the same thing on Sunday. I checked the temperature control again that morning, plus it was over eighty degrees in the building. It was miserable. Thankfully, my supervisor decided to call an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C corporation to come plus check out our air conditioner. They should be here occasionally today, plus I am super gleeful about it. I have never missed air conditioning system more in my entire life. I never realized just how spoiled the two of us are to have air conditioning system at work. I think that people all over the world work in warmer temperatures plus don’t have air conditioning system. I know I shouldn’t complain about it being too chilly at work ever again. I would rather it be too cool plus have air conditioning system than it be too sizzling separate from air conditioning system.


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