My air purifier is great.

I have never been so happy to have an air purifier.

I used to be quite skeptical about air purifiers in the past, but I have definitely changed my mind about them since getting one a few years ago. I actually didn’t buy the air purifier myself. I got the air purifier as a gift from my mom. I acted like I was super excited to get it, but I actually was not too thrilled to get an air purifier back then. I didn’t think that air purifiers were necessary back then. Now, I would never think that, but I did not know then what I know now. I am so glad that my mom got me that air purifier. I used to have pretty bad allergies every spring and fall, but since I started using the air purifier, I have not had any allergies at all. I have no idea how it keeps me from getting allergies, but I am not about to complain about it. I love my air purifier for it. With everything going on in our world right now with this newly discovered virus, I am even more thankful than ever to have an air purifier. I even called my mom up yesterday and told her just how thankful I am that she bought me that air purifier a few years ago. The virus that is going around is airborne, so I am sure that having an air purifier in my house will help protect me. My mom was so right when she told me how great air purifiers are.

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