The air conditioning at my work is not working well, and it is no fun at all.

I noticed that the building was a bit warmer than usual when I got to work last Friday. I thought that someone just turned the temperature up, so I checked the thermostat. The thermostat said that the temperature in the building was seventy-eight degrees, but the thermostat was set to seventy degrees. I thought that was odd, but I had to get to work, so I just ignored that it was quite warm in my office. I went back to work on Monday, and I again noticed that it was quite warm. I asked my manager why it was so warm in the building, and she said that she thought something was wrong with the air conditioner. I told her that I had thought the same thing on Friday. I checked the thermostat again that day, and it was over eighty degrees in the building. It was miserable. Thankfully, my manager decided to call an HVAC company to come and check out our air conditioner. They should be here sometimes today, and I am super excited about it. I have never missed air conditioning more in my entire life. I never realized just how spoiled we are to have air conditioning at work. I know that people all over the world work in warmer climates and don’t have air conditioning. I guess I shouldn’t complain about it being too cold at work ever again. I would rather it be too cool and have air conditioning than it be too warm without air conditioning.

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