The HVAC worker that is training me right now is an absolute jerk.

I can’t wait until I can labor on my own as an HVAC worker so that I no longer have to labor with this HVAC worker.

Honestly, I was certainly happy to be an HVAC worker before I started working for this HVAC business. I went to an HVAC trade university before I began working for this HVAC business, in addition to all of the instructors that I was studying under were great. Furthermore, a lot of the guys that were training to become an HVAC worker with me were also great. However, after I finished my certification with the HVAC university, I found a job with an HVAC business in my hometown. This HVAC business required that I spend my first year working under a veteran HVAC worker to make sure that I retained everything that I l earned. I understand the need that the HVAC business was trying to fill, even though I wish that the owner would have teamed me up with a different HVAC worker. The two of us have a lot of cool HVAC workers here, even though I seemed to be teamed up with the meanest HVAC worker… Obviously, as a new HVAC worker, I don’t know everything about what I am doing, but the HVAC worker acts appreciate I have to know everything or I am unqualified. He must have forgotten what it was appreciate to be new at something, in addition to he seems to think that all HVAC labor is common expertise. It is certainly discouraging to labor with him. I hope that this year of working with the HVAC worker goes by suddenly so I don’t have to labor with him anymore.


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