I hear so many people complaining about needing to stay home. I hear them on the news and radio, telling everyone that they feel it is unjust and it should be against the law. They may not worry about the pandemic, but there are at least ten people to their one, that do worry. Sheltering-in-place is their new normal and many people will continue even when the government deems it safe. For me, sheltering-in-place is my forever normal. I began this when I was just a young person. I was born with an auto-immune disease that doesn’t allow me to go out around people whether they are sick or not. I have my home set up so that I have safe places when I have company. I have a job that allows me to work from home. Because of this, I also have a special HVAC system that keeps my home as healthy as possible. I have an air purification system with a UV light and HEPA air filters. Without this, I may not still be alive. My home HVAC system gives me the ability to invite clients into my home. I have a sneeze guard between myself and my clients. When my secretary is there, she is in an office that is close to, but not in direct vicinity of, my office. I have a special air purifier that is just for my office and if someone comes in, they wear a mask and put in a robe. My clients laugh, but it is for my health.

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