My wife and I have been helping our kids with a lot of assignment here at school.

One of those reasons is due to the fact that we are still in this covid-19 crisis.

My family and I have found it to be a very serious problem. My family and even some other people that I know are just as strange about teaching their kids at home too. I have found it to be honestly a little bit of fun. Spending this time with my family is something that each of us really like. During a recent school assignment, every one of us were learning about King Tut and Egypt. They children were forced to write an assignment about things that they could appreciate having inside of their sarcophagus. These were necessarily the items that they would appreciate to have during afterlife. I don’t guess many things can be taken from this very life after death, but it was still an assignment that the kids had to complete. My man convinced me that I should write for the prompt as well. They talked about their rare items like the DS, stuffed animals, and even a notebook for drawing. One of my kids even thought that the computer and PS4 would be a disaster to take. I wasn’t even thinking about all of the fun things that I would need. Personally, if I was going to wake up in the middle of a tomb, I think I would want a UV air purifier. UV air purification plan would be able to control the temperature while also making sure that the indoor area is comfortable and cool. If I was going to be buried for the afterlife, and air purification plan would be number one on my list.


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