Many of us were forced to go through a brutal storm without any power.

I got through the end of the storm and decided that was the last brutal thunderstorm that my family and I were going to go without a power generator.

A few weeks later, every one of us went to invest our money in a backup generator. The backup generator allows power to be sourced to the heater, AC plan, sump pump, and refrigerator. Even though it was raining strenuously outside, the sump pump was still working perfectly. We still had temperature control settings right and many of us were still comfortable. I had fuel that would last us a month and each of us were separate from power for many multiple afternoons. Each of us had a buddy that came over to our condo, because they did not have power, AC, or even food. The entire house felt quite wonderful and had excellent indoor air quality. I even had the UV air purifier running. The UV air purifier is right for killing harmful bacterias and awful virus is like covid-19. Some sites in this area had to deal with a lot of water flooding in their basement, but my backup generator kept the water from accumulating faster than I could get rid of it. I hope people just like myself will get a backup generator. The sump pump and heating and AC plan will work again in the future and not having to deal with this flood destruction actually makes everyone of us happy that we decided to buy the generator.
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