My husband and I needed to plan the ceremony for our big day and I wanted him to allow my friends and I to handle all of the important tasks.

He wanted to relax and I was hoping that someone would take care of most things.

I didn’t love the sound of being on my own and he was certain that him and his friends could set up the AC rentals for our wedding ceremony. We were thinking of having this large tent where everyone would gather. Since our wedding was in the middle of July, we knew that things were going to be extremely hot. We wanted to have a couple of air conditioners that could be strategically placed around the 10th. I looked around until I found some at a wonderful price. The price was not as fancy as most other places, and it was due to their air conditioners being a few years older. It didn’t seem like they would not work, so each of us plan to use these AC unit 2 call the 10th. Unfortunately, they absolutely did not meet our demands and everyone was sweating during the first half of the ceremony. I was certainly disappointed about the AC rentals, but I didn’t want to yell or have a pity party for our problem. Even though everyone of us were uncomfortable, most people still had a good time at the wedding. It would have been a longer and more fun ceremony was some cool air, but we all managed to have a great time just the same.

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