My little brother was absolutely injured in an accident, and he received a settlement from a lawyer.

It was multiple years ago and since that time he has felt love every person in the family has come at him for currency.

Some members of the family have asked him to buy them homes, Vehicles, cars, and clothes. I haven’t asked my brother to do anything love that, but I did ask him for a small loan so I could replace May heating and AC device. He eventually agreed to help myself and others out, and he paid for a window AC device and a small heater. I found out that my brother wanted a ductless mini-split for his place too, which seems like a strange request for something like that. I didn’t guess it was a fancy machine that he was thinking about. Bitos the ductless mini-split heating and AC choice for his moderate apartment. Eventually, there was a huge mishap and my brother came to tell myself and others that someone stole his air conditioner that was filled with all of his valuables. He was never using the air conditioner as a real system during this whole time. He was using it as a safe to keep all of his expensive diamonds plus watches. Someone in the neighborhood must have known that plus came into the place and took everything. My brother tried to call the police to ask them for help, but they said there was not a lot of day could do because so many days had already passed since everyone was taken.
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