My employer recently had a massive theft as well as the crew of us lost a ton of gear.

All the laptops as well as cables were taken.

It set our business back so much that I was out of job for almost two weeks. Now I am back to working as well as the business is being great about theft control. They called a building access code business while the office was not operational. A new security program was put in as well as now all the workers need to change to it. Each office area has keyless entry. You are given access codes for the areas you are permitted to work, but conference rooms are no longer able to be used easily. Even the elevator won’t take me up certain floors I don’t have clearance for. The biggest difference is getting in the front door. The front door has an electronic card access system. I have to swipe a card in order to get in the front door, and it is all code from there. You would think that it would be simple. An electronic card program is self explanatory. It has been nothing but issues for me due to being so dumb. I have forgotten the card as well as needed to drive back home for it a few times. I also had another instance where our card did not function in the scanner as well as I had to get a new one. This totally sets me back when I have to mess around with it.


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