With large corporations, there are more responsibilities and strict regulations for employees. I typically head to work in the morning, spend eight hours at a desk and drive home. My job is not exactly dangerous. The most common injury is carpal tunnel syndrome. However, with recent events, the entire workforce has been working from home. This has created some new situations. We’ve needed to put in place some restrictions to make sure people are actually doing their jobs. The corporation doesn’t want to get stuck paying for injuries that occur on the clock when employees are doing household repairs. Now, it looks like we’ll be heading back to work in the near future. The government is putting in place a whole bunch of regulations that are going to make our jobs more difficult. We need to somehow stay away from each other although we work in side by side cubicles and ride the elevators together. We’re supposed to wear masks at all times but we need to frequently talk on the phone and have conference calls. We have employees that are hearing impaired and rely on lip reading to get information. The legalities of these new situations are rather complicated. Our corporate headquarters are relying on the advice of the legal department. They want to make sure that we comply with all the laws, stay safe and healthy and still support a productive business. We are fortunate that we have corporate attorneys who are knowledgeable in the laws and keep up with changing stipulations. They translate the complex language into simple rules we can all follow and live with.

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