On a cold and rainy evening in a small beach community, a young guy was killed in his home.

  • He had one out after work to have some drinks with his friends.

Someone broke into his home and was waiting there when he returned late that evening. The case was brutal and shocking in our quiet community. It was a main topic around town and in the papers. When it wasn’t solved, it sort of vanished. No criminal law firm in town was able to figure out the case. The murder was left unsolved for twelve years. His family was from a different state and they were not aware of the criminal law proceedings in this area. It took a while for them to figure out how to navigate the criminal court system here. Our laws and procedures are much different than in their local area. They tried to bring in their own criminal attorney to work on the case, but this was not permitted. The criminal law system in this state finally declared the case officially closed ten years after the fact. Once the case was considered closed, the family was allowed to step in. After so much sadness and so many questions, they were desperate for closure. They hired an investigator and were able to utilize modern technology to obtain and follow the trail of the DNA evidence. It was very complex and difficult, but they were able to build a case and get justice for their son.

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