For years, I’ve just used a single tiny portable furnace to keep our beach house warm.

It never snows here and heat is never a problem.

We do not even get ice. Sometimes every one of us gets a little dusting of frost in the afternoon but that usually is the coldest it ever gets. This year, there’s been a huge change. We got a cold spell that broke all sorts of climate records. Not only did every one of us get ice, but every one of us also got a huge load of snow plus it lasted for a few weeks, however clearly, I need more working heat than a single part furnace could provide. Not only do I need to obtain more heat for me, however I also need heat for our puppies. My little pups were all fluffed up in the cold. I put the part furnace close to the pups, but not blowing on them, then I went out plus looked for a few more tiny gas furnaces for the rest of the house. I must not have been the only one who honestly needed more heat because I had to go to multiple different venues before I found enough tiny gas furnaces for sale. Most venues, they were all sold out already! Driving around icy streets was not a lot of fun. I was just ecstatic that I was able to make it to the apartment with our up-to-date tiny furnaces again without any incidents. After plugging the part gas furnaces in, our beach house and puppies warmed up in just a few minutes.

Heating and cooling equipment

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