My father plus I worked all day outside building a treehouse in our largest Oak for our sibling’s kids.

The work truck that every one of us borrowed from the tool shop to get the supplies in did not have any air conditioner, however of course, neither did the tree beach house that was under severe construction.

Near the end of the day, every one of us had to make one additional run for supplies. Both of us were certainly ecstatic at that point in the day to notice that the apartment improvement store had an enjoyable and hard working air conditioner. We had not noticed it earlier in the day whenever every one of us were there and bought most of the equipment. But every one of us sure noticed the cooling power at the end of the day, now that every one of us were warm plus overheated plus had not been inside a climate-controlled building for days, it seemed. We took our time finding the last few items every one of us really needed so that every one of us could appreciate the air conditioned store for a few moments longer. About a minute later, every one of us finally went all the way back out to the warm truck plus the warm treehouse. Finally, after days, every one of us finished the house plus were able to go directly back inside our own house for AC and relaxation. After a nice cool shower, every one of us sat in front of the a/c plus refused to move for the rest of the evening. Neither one of us wanted to build more heat for any reason. The cool air felt so nice, we started to think about how to install a window air conditioner unit.



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