Since getting a little puppy a few months ago I’ve found it strenuous to make time to ride our favorite horse.

The puppy is too young to be left in an apartment alone for many minutes.

But then again, it’s too warm for the puppy to be tied up in the non-air-conditioned barn for any amount of time, too. My beach house has an air conditioner but no one is there to take the puppy outside or make sure that he doesn’t chew things up. The old barn doesn’t have air conditioner plus there’s nothing available for the puppy to chew up. That left myself and others sitting around unhappily, with certainly little occasions so I wasn’t getting much riding done, even on the nicest days. The lady I lease the horse from noticed I hadn’t been riding on a regular basis lately plus she asked myself and others why. I explained this puppy issue to her. Then she came up with an enjoyable solution for me that I couldn’t refuse. She volunteered to watch the puppy in her air-conditioned apartment while I go out and ride. I had never even thought of this solution. That’s not supposed to be how leasing a horse works; it doesn’t come with free puppy sitting. However, luckily, the horse-owner prefers our little puppy plus practically begged for hours to let her watch him. I am so ecstatic! Now our puppy can stay in her cool farm house while I get a nice ride in. He doesn’t even want to go with me at the end. He wants to stay in her cool air-conditioned venue.

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