Most people in the Southwest region of the country do not have real gas furnaces in their home! Well, at least they did not many years ago, when I was growing up… Our beach house growing up had a wall furnace built into it but every one of us never genuinely used it a single time! In fact, it was kind of dangerous because air would come down the huge brick chimney plus blow the pilot light out, but this would leave the heating gas leaking into the house, so, more often than not, the gas was turned off to the wall heater.

Instead, every one of us would just crack open a window plus then go over and turn on the oven for heat.

The window was cracked open to make sure that it was totally “safe” for the family, but however, that also assured that the only moderate spot located in the beach house was right in front of the oven door… As the long years passed, every one of us eventually got a tiny portable furnace for the house. I am not sure that it was much safer than the oven. It truly was one of those outdated radiant gas furnaces with tiny coils stuck behind a little grill. It did not spread the heat out well… Just like the oven, you had to sit right in front of the furnace to be warmed in the least. However, unlike the oven, you couldn’t sit anywhere close to the front of the heater. That outdated radiant part furnace often got so warm that it would literally melt the glue holding the floor tiles down. There was still something nice about those outdated radiant portable furnaces though, then but then again, I know just about anything is better than nothing. I am ecstatic to have central heat now.



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