For years, I swear I have just used a single section furnace to keep my beach house warm throughout all of winter. It never snows here. The two of us do not even get ice in these parts. Sometimes all of us get a little bit of frost in the day but usually that is the coldest it ever gets. This year, there is been a change. The lot of us got a frigid spell that broke all sorts of records. Not only did all of us get plenty of ice, but all of us also got snow and it lasted for a few weeks. That’s when I knew clearly, I needed more heat than a single section furnace could provide in my home. Not only do I need more heat for me, although I also need heat for my beloved parakeets. My poor little parakeets were all fluffed up with their tiny feathers in the cold. I put the section furnace close to the birds, but not directly blowing on them, then all of us opted to go out and looked around for a few more section furnaces for the rest of the house. I clearly must not have been the only one who needed more heat indoors at that point because I had to go to 6 bizarre places before I found enough section furnaces for sale. Most local places were all sold out; Driving around icy streets was not a lot of fun. But, after plugging the section furnaces in, my beach house warmed up in just a few minutes and I felt great about it. My parakeets are nice and comfortable again and so am I. I just hope I do not ever have to go back out onto the icy roads again.

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