I was happy to have my Grandpa come and stay with us recently for a few weeks this winter.

He almost gave me a heart attack at one point though when I came current home from work.

I found him lying directly on his back in the middle of the floor and I thought he had gotten super hurt or had had heart failure. I dropped my keys and ran quickly to him to check on him. That’s when he opened his eyes up and assured me that he was doing pretty good. He said he had just been outdoors shoveling snow out of the driveway and that his back hurt him a little bit. He observed how warm the radiant heated floors are so he quickly decided to kneel down on the floor for a little while. Then, he laid down. He then said he must have fallen asleep because he really was so warm on the radiant heated floors. I took a deep breath to release my anger and then all of us helped him rest up and made sure that he entirely was doing okay. He eventually got to his feet and observed that his back pain was seriously gone. I was still getting over the shock of seeing him on the floor when I came in although I was happy to see that he was fine. Now Grandpa is saying he wants to move in with me and my radiant heated floors. He said all of his pain would go away completely… but maybe I should just pay to have radiant heated floors installed in his beach house instead.

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