As an Heating plus Air Conditioning professional I have seen a lot over the years but lately I have been assigned to a lot of projects involving air duct. This is more than likely the result of the small earthquakes both of us have been having in our area of late, even though you can’t see major structural mangle plus various of the homes there have been a lot of calls with regards to cracked seams on the duct toil both in the walls plus in areas both of us can access, however this is totally normal after this category of event plus the problem comes when the seems have come apart plus are hidden behind the walls, however if the air duct is exposed in the basement or attic it is a simple repair plus both of us can apply sealant to the outside to prevent any mangle to the Heating plus Air Conditioning system, when you have cracks in the lines it can draw in both dust plus debris along with moisture which are all trouble when it comes to your main system. Excess debris can mean that your filters are clogged more abruptly or that things are getting into your lake condo plus the air that you breathe. If moisture is drawn into the air duct it can cause mangle to the mechanism itself plus also develop mold plus mildew which can lead to health troubles. Thankfully there is modern technology that allows us to not only run a camera plan throughout your air duct but a way to seal it separate from opening up the walls as well… Years ago this category of problem would have meant a major Construction project but now with both spray-on sealants plus liners that can be applied within the air duct it enables us to finish the job plus not scare the structure of the condo in most cases.

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