My birthday is coming up and there is nothing more that I want than an air conditioning system.

  • All my life, I have suffered through the hot, humid summers with ceiling fans and wide open windows.

Although I have adapted rather well to the hot weather, it would still be nice to have an air conditioner in the house. My husband helps pick out the gifts from the kids every year and I know that he spends much more than he should, but if he is going to spend the money he might as well put it toward something we can get use out of! I love the small, meaningful gifts, but I would much rather have them invest their money into something I can enjoy all summer long! We have spent so many summer nights tossing and turning in bed because the heat is so unbearable. With an air conditioner, I could run it through the night and get a sound sleep throughout the summertime. Over the past month, I have dropped a million hints that I wanted an air conditioning unit. I am pretty sure my husband got the hint when he came home one day to a picture of an air conditioner taped to the front of our refrigerator. I mean honestly, if an air conditioner is the only gift I get for my birthday, I would be ecstatic. It has been far too long that I have lived without air conditioning and even if I don’t get one for my birthday, I am hoping my husband will still let me go out and buy one.


Air conditioner tune-up

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