We all have our bad days where we get into shouting matches with our spouses others and say mean and hurtful things.

One day recently I took out all of my anger out on my husband and said things I did not mean. However, this argument actually resulted in a favorable outcome for the both of us. One day last week, we had one of the highest temperature of the year and I was miserable. I usually enjoy warm weather, but this day in particular was just too hot. To cool myself off I turned on the air conditioning system. It rattled while powering on and then powered off seconds later. Instantly,I began hollering at my husband to go outside to fix whatever was wrong with the air conditioner. The humidity began to rise and my patience began to lower. He examined the cooling equipment and couldn’t seem to find the problem until he noticed the air filters. When he stored our air conditioner last season he had forgotten to swap the filthy air filters with clean ones. I was hot and frustrated that he previously forgotten to do such a simple task on our A/C unit. The entire A/C motor was now useless and ruined from running with such filthy filters. By the look on my face and the sweat on my forehead my husband knew I was furious about no air conditioning. Without a second thought, he rushed out and brought me a new cooling unit.

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