Every relationship has its good and bad days.

Arguing with your significant other and saying things you don’t mean is common and recently, I had one of these days. I took out each one of my frustrations on my husband and said things that I did not mean. This time, what I said to him actually contributed to a good outcome. Last week we had one of the hottest days of the year and I was completely miserable. I can usually take the warm temperatures, but this day I required an air conditioning system for relief. The air conditioning system rattled when I turned it on and then immediately powered down. At that moment I knew the day would be dreadful. I began yelling at my husband to go outside to check out what was wrong with our air conditioner. The humidity rose as my patience has been lowered. He looked at many of the cooling system and its equipment and couldn’t find out anything wrong until he noticed the filters. Last season when we stored the air conditioner he had forgotten to change the air dirty filters with clean ones. I was livid that he had forgotten to do such an easy task on our A/C equipment. Now the entire A/C motor was ruined now from running with such dirty filters. My husband could tell I was upset about not having air conditioning on that hot working day.Without a second thought he went out and brought home a completely new cooling unit.


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