Everyone has good and bad days.

We all get into arguments with our significant others and say things we don’t really mean.

Recently, I had one of these days. I took out all of my frustrations on my husband and said some hurtful things that I did not mean. However, what I said actually resulted in a favorable outcome. Last week, we had one of the hottest days of the year and I was miserable. I can usually take the heat, but this day required an air conditioning system for relief. When I went to turn our air conditioning system on, I heard a rattle followed by the system powering down. Immediately I knew this was going to be a dreadful day. Right away I started hollering at my husband to go outside and look for what was wrong with the air conditioner. The humidity was slowly rising and my patience was low. He looked at all the cooling equipment and couldn’t seem to find anything wrong until he noticed the air filters. When we stored our air conditioner at the end of last season, he had forgotten to replace the filthy air filters with clean ones. By this time, I was aggravated that he had forgotten to do such a simple task on our A/C unit. The entire A/C motor was ruined from trying to run with such filthy filters. My husband knew I was furious about the lack of air conditioning on that hot day. So, immediately, without thinking, he went out and brought me home a brand new cooling unit.

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