I live in the northeastern part of the country, and our winter season is typically brutal.

The outside temperature frequently drops below freezing, and often stays well below zero for months at a time.

Having a reliable and effective heating system is a necessity. I am not entirely satisfied with my heating unit. I have a gas fireplace installed in the my living room that handles the temperature control in the majority of the house. Because the heat is concentrated in one spot, some rooms and corners of the house tend to be very chilly. The heating system only provides the choice between low and high speed. It is either blasting hot air or it is completely shut down, and it does not operate automatically. Despite the fact that there is a built in thermostat, the unit does not turn itself off and on as needed. I manually activate the gas furnace, and it continues to run until I shut it off. I hate to leave the heater running all night while my family is asleep, because this is a tremendous waste of energy. However, if I shut off the fireplace before heading to bed, I wake up to a freezing cold house. If I leave the heater running all day while my family is at work or school, I pay to maintain comfort in an empty house. There is a possibility that the outside temperature might warm up, and then the house is overheated. To operate the gas fireplace, I have a cordless remote, and I am terrified of losing it. As far as I know, the remote is the only way to adjust the settings on the heating equipment.
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