I have been on the church’s finance council for about three years now.

We created a finance council, so we had a system of checks and balances in our church.

When the deacon discovered some huge discrepancies between what was coming in and taken out, it devastated the entire church. No one could believe that a trusted member of the church could have possibly been taking money from the pockets of our members. When the minister came to us, he wanted to know if we had enough money in the till to pay for an HVAC system. I grimaced, since we had just paid for a new lawn mower and to install a new lighted billboard out front. I asked if it was an emergency and how much help we could get from the congregation. He pointed out that we had an HVAC technician in the congregation. He also thought we could get some help, but it wasn’t a good time to be asking. He was hoping we had enough in the till to pay at least 90% of the bill. Another member asked if it could be put off for a while. He said that he didn’t think our congregation, since they were mostly senior citizens, would be able to sit through one of his sermons without heating or air conditioning. The HVAC system had stopped forever, and he was thinking of giving it a funeral. We all called in some favors and had the HVAC system installed before the next sermon arrived. The minister said his goodbyes to the old system and welcomed the new.
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