Several months ago, my son moved south.

He gave up his first home and moved into a small house that was much smaller and more expensive, but he loved it.

They made the house of brick and the inside was cool and comfortable. The first thing he did was turn on the air conditioning. It was a smart idea to check out the air conditioning unit. The previous owners had added an indoor patio to the house. The air conditioning didn’t reach into the patio, and he was thinking about putting a window air conditioner into the room. I thought the window air conditioner would look tacky. I told him that if he wanted to sell the house once he got done fixing it up, he may want to consider a ductless mini split HVAC system. Not only would it add extra air conditioning, but it would also be nice for those cool winter mornings when he needed a little heat. I hadn’t thought about how my son loved it cool, so it surprised me when he agreed. He told me that he may just call the HVAC company and have them assess the situation first. He may decide to just purchase a new and heavier air conditioning for the house. He had an excellent observation about the situation. He said that if he sold the house, the first thing that would be mentioned was that the HVAC system needed upgraded. That would come off the price of the house. If he already had an upgraded HVAC system installed, he could get more than what he had considered paying when he bought the house.

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