My kids bought me a window air conditioner for my house, but I honestly haven’t used it yet.

The only time that I ever turn on the window air conditioner is if my children are staying at my house with me.

I am kind of old-fashioned. I grew up without an air conditioner, and I honestly never used an air conditioner of any kind. I don’t know why my parents didn’t have an air conditioner. I honestly just never questioned it. Since I never grew up with an air conditioner, I never really missed it. I learned how to deal with the heat, and when you don’t know that there is an HVAC unit that can help manage it, you never realize that you have a problem. Instead of complaining about the heat, I just dealt with it. When I was raising my own kids, I never owned an air conditioner because I never felt that I needed an air conditioner. I wanted my kids to grow up just like I did. However when my kids moved out, they all got houses with a central air conditioner, and they became spoiled. Whenever they came to my house, they always mentioned that I didn’t have an air conditioner. They acted like they wanted to get an air conditioner for my health, but I knew that they just wanted to be more comfortable when I came over. I decided to let them buy a window air conditioner, and I only use the window air conditioner when they are here. I don’t like the air conditioner. In my opinion, it makes the house too cold.

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