I am so totally procrastinating.

I need to mow the lawn today and I just don’t want to go out into that heat.

It’s 95 degrees outside and I just want to stay inside and soak up the a/c. I know that I have to get started on it soon. It takes half the day to mow the lawn. It’s not that my yard is that big. It’s just every fifteen minutes or so I have to take a break in the air conditioning. It might only be 95 degrees outside, but the heat index is way up there and after about fifteen minutes of pushing the lawn mower, the heat starts to get to me and I need a/c. So, first I walk around the yard and get everything out of the way and I get the lawn mower out and ready to start. Then I cool off for a few minutes in the a/c. Then I mow the East side of my driveway. Then I have to get back into the a/c. So, like I said, mowing the lawn literally takes half a day, and that’s if I start early. Today I haven’t started early, like I should have. I have been in my house and in my vehicle enjoying the air conditioning. But, I know the time has come to get going on the lawn. I wish there was a way to keep myself cool while I mow the lawn. Then mowing would be a breeze. But, I can’t really think of any way to really stay cool in this heat so I guess I will do what I always do and mow for a few minutes and take an a/c break. I guess I will get to it now.



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