I am one of those people that have to have air conditioning.I live in a subtropical area and it’s hot here almost all year long.

  • I have no money left over after paying bills, and I have no savings account, so when the a/c went out in my car and I needed a recharge, I took the money out of the electric bill and got an extension for the electric bill.

When my central HVAC died last summer, I had a really hard time scraping up the money for window air conditioners. I bought some second hand because I knew it would be a while before I came up with the money to have my central HVAC unit looked at. It will have to be at tax time, because although I am grateful to have the window air conditioners, it’s just not the same as having central heat and air conditioning. To begin with, the window air conditioners are noisier than a central HVAC system. They have to be turned on and off and the ones I have don’t have temperature settings. I just can’t wait until tax time. I get quite a lot back and I will probably end up buying a new HVAC unit. And I need to have my ductwork inspected and probably sealed in some places. And I will definitely check into some type of air purification system or at least invest in HEPA filters.. I just can’t wait to get rid of these window air conditioners, but for now, they are better than nothing.


Air conditioning repair

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