I love winter because I love the cold.

I love a cozy fire in the fireplace and cuddling up under blankets to watch a movie, all year long.

I don’t exactly use the fireplace in summer, but I set the thermostat on my air conditioner down to 65 all summer long. My electricity bills are terrible, despite good insulation and weather stripping, but, I would rather pay extra for my comfort. We wear our winter clothes all year long, at least on days we hang around the house. I just don’t like the heat at all. I suppose spring and fall are okay, and I might venture outside during those seasons, but the real season I like to venture outside in is winter. I love walking in the snow and mild winter sports. I used to build snowmen and have snowball fights with the kids. But, as soon as the weather warms up, my a/c goes on and stays that way until winter comes again. I don’t really even open up the house much. To me, the weather is almost never perfect enough to open up the house. I open up the house for spring cleaning when I first turn the heat off, but the house never stays open for more then a week. Then I have the a/c on. But, it’s not just the a/c I love about my HVAC system, I have a whole house air purification system so my house always smells like a fresh winter day. I would probably be much happier living in someplace like Alaska, but as long as I have my a/c, I’m good.

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